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On this page we share with you 5 ‘Success Stories’ from our graduates. We alternate the featured stories on a regular basis, so watch out for more ‘Success Stories’ as we celebrate individual Style Coaches™ and their achievements, big and small!

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Many of our Style Coaches™ set up their own businesses as freelance or independent professionals – this offers them the flexibility of being their own bosses and being self-employed. Many others gain positions of full- or part-time employment as ‘in-house’ Personal Stylists, corporate Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists, or Personal Shoppers.

Most of our graduates offer a range of holistic services that include one-to-one work with clients, group workshops, corporate talks, coaching events, teen workshops, freelance work for department stores or boutiques, and branding workshops. They also work with local magazines, radio stations, and of course television stations too. The possibilities for your personal styling career really are endless.


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Dagmar's Story...

I truly appreciate how Style Coaching™ helps women to change both how they look and feel about themselves. It helps people to define what colors, outfits, jewelry, make-up, hair and accessories suit them best, reflect who they are, make them shine, and feel confident.

I love that we have the opportunity to reveal the ‘real self’ in each person and define what they want to represent on the outside. It’s about building their image in a natural, authentic and empowering way.

During Style Coaching™, women also understand what makes THEM beautiful and different from the others. They learn how to shine from the inside, how to build positive inner self-image and true self-confidence, and most importantly, how being themselves can lead them to a woman they want to be.

Besides traveling the world, BEAUTY is one of the other areas of life where I find my greatest joy and inspiration. I have always been passionate about supporting women to reveal their true beauty, making them shine, feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Keeping in mind precious advice from Maureen Chiquet, CEO of CHANEL –

‘Dagmar, don’t be a banker. Live through passion!’ – I have decided to marry the globetrotter, creative mind and the people person in one mission: the mission of helping women all over the world to change how they look and feel about themselves.

I initially started to work at ELLE Magazine in Prague, Czech Republic. However, the commercial world of beauty and illusions did not impress me at all. It even made me feel frustrated that I was not able to help women to understand that they ARE good enough even without designers bags and luxury clothes. Therefore, just being a ‘personal stylist’ was not interesting enough for me. I wanted to change people’s lives. I wished to change not only how they look, but also how they feel about themselves. Since I wanted to teach them to look at clothes differently and benefit from using them in a smart way, I searched on the internet and found the Style Coaching Institute® in the UK as the only option for this kind of training.

Style Coaching™ is where I finally found my true passion and mission in life!

Thanks to the Style Coaching Institute®, I became the first certified Style Coach™ in Czech Republic and Slovakia. I gained valuable knowledge, earned my diploma and built credibility enabling me to do what I really love and start my dream job – my own business in Fashion. For the last 3 years, I have been working with women on building their image to fit their personality and also leading workshops for companies such as McKinsey, Dell, Oracle, Mary Kay and many others helping their employees to have more fun with the dress code. In addition to that, it has opened many doors to leading media brands in both countries to me.

Studying Style Coaching™ has changed my life tremendously and I am excited to share what I learned with as many women as possible to give them a new future as well.
Examples of company testimonials…
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Oracle Women’s Leadership Czech Republic ׀ Prague

“Dagmar Gabulova is a bona fide style maven and a skilled presenter. The Czech Republic chapter of Oracle Women’s Leadership had the pleasure of her expertise at a style workshop for Oracle employees, where she delivered a very engaging and interactive presentation that introduced the audience to the essentials for developing a flattering and unique personal image. Thanks to her professionalism, she elevated the topic of style, reminding us that what we wear – done correctly, authentically and strategically – can be a powerful tool in our personal and professional development.”
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McKinsey & Company ׀ Prague

“Dagmar is a true stylist pro whose services we are very happy to recommend. In October 2013, she designed and ran a workshop for our junior female employees on dressing professionally in conservative settings. Dagmar approached the topic holistically, delivering interesting material – her theory of colors and shapes was a particular highlight – and negotiating the sensitive landscape without affronting anyone’s feelings. Quite on the contrary, the participants emerged re-energized, motivated, and armed with specific tips for establishing internal harmony. What an achievement!”
Other companies Dagmar has worked with include...
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Examples of individual testimonials…
Client 1:

“The difference is that now I KNOW what suits me best – which colors and types of clothes I feel confident in, which ones make me shine and feel comfortable in my own skin. I don’t bother with what other people will say anymore. I simply wear and enjoy what I feel great in and compliments keep coming.”
Client 2:

“Before preparing for the RealWoman Forum 2012, I was thinking of how to best express who I am on the outside during this event. I decided to get a professional help from an amazing woman whose passion and gift is to help women to express their uniqueness and beauty through their style. Dagmar truly helped me to create my own unique style, and I felt comfortable in my own skin. People at the event noticed it. Thank you Dagmar! I love what you do.”
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Watching the change in my clients’ lives and listening to their stories is proof for me that my work makes sense! My clients agree that they are truly surprised how quickly the first compliments came. They love that people approach and compliment them more than ever. They often hear how beautiful and shining they are, how much weight they lost, how much positive energy people feel from them, which really help to boost confidence with immediate effect.

Finally, THEY are the stunning ones, not only their clothes.
Moreover, they admit that they would not have reached for some new pieces we bought together, however, they feel so natural in all of them and do not feel like wearing the old clothes from their wardrobe anymore. Even the ones who hated shopping before, learned how to shop effectively and finally enjoy it!

Let me give you an example of Laura (not her real name) who came to me as a sad lady in her late thirties living separately from her husband. After one month working together, she completely changed: she started to shine, was complimented at work and on the streets, and got back together with her husband (who shortly started to go to the gym to match her change).

In the future, I plan to broaden the reach of the Style Coaching™ services to wider audience through group workshops and international expansion. I truly believe Style Coaching™ should be accessible to all people no matter their income level, race or country of origin. This is where I believe my mission in life lies and where I want to contribute to give something back to this world. I wish everybody could find their own passion in life and experience the feeling of doing what she loves & loving what she does!
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Dagmar Gabulova


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Can you visualise YOUR career in Style Coaching™, personal styling, image consultancy, fashion styling or personal shopping? Take the first step towards your dream career today by choosing one of our training courses!

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Susie's Story...

“For as long as I can remember I've been captivated by the way people dress, how they express their personality through what they wear and how two people can wear the same clothes, but look entirely different. Over the years, and without really thinking about it, I was already advising friends and family on clothes and make-up; taking them shopping and doing their make-up. I also found myself guiding work friends and colleagues on the impact of personal presentation and image in the workplace.

I was continually fascinated by the difference in them; helping them change how they look in small ways seemed to empower them to walk that little bit taller and knowing that they looked good, made them feel good.

After attending an enlightening evening class called 'How to Realise Your Potential', I decided to take my studies further by training as a Professional Style Coach™ at the Style Coaching Institute®. I then went on to become a member of the International Association of Style Coaches™ (IASC) and finally made the change to give up my day job to pursue my true passion – style and fashion – and so I created Susie Styles.

Since graduating from the Style Coaching™ course I’ve been busy helping my lovely clients to refresh, revamp and reuse their existing clothes to create new outfits that they love. I’m delighted to report that my business is up and running in all its glory:

In the early days of my business, I had some London Fashion Week fun and experience by helping out super cool concept label Bay & Fyfe with their window installation at Wolf & Badger in Mayfair.

I’ve been hosting my first ‘Style and Colour Confidence Parties’ - which are fun, interactive sessions with lots of discussion and debate around different individuals body shapes and style personalities. It is so interesting to see people’s reactions to finding their own or seeing their friend’s ‘wow colour’!

I have started to have my articles published and I am enjoying my guest blogger spot at ‘Love Me, Love My Wedding’. I've also been a busy bee helping some lovely ladies solve their wardrobe dilemmas and guest blogging over at Queenic and Lift Personal Training. I was chuffed to bits to make it onto new shopping site Trendalo as a “with-it bloggers for the week”.
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I’ve even debuted into the world of video blogging, and I’m delighted to announce that I’ve become the in-house Style Coach™ at Get Yummy Fitness. It’s a really great opportunity and I’m super proud to be part of such a dynamic, fun team!

Through my business, I've supported the brilliant Back Up Trust City Dinner by donating an exclusive style party to raise funds and I have been invited to attend the inaugural ‘Be Real Talks’ event at the London College of Fashion. I also visited Winning Women and Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce and launched my new Wardrobe Hacks video series.

Finally, I’ve also written my first ebook, which is available to download via my website!
Examples of testimonials…
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“My first ‘work wardrobe’ was that of a corporate lawyer in the City, but six years and one career change later my wardrobe had grown to unmanageable proportions.

I’ve spent the last year or so in serious sartorial trouble! I had two real challenges – getting rid of stuff and figuring out what sort of style I wanted. Oh, and no idea where to start.

Susie made life extremely easy. After working with her, I was able to make much more sense of what I had. What’s more, I actually look forward to shopping and am confident I can choose colours and shapes that suit me and that I love. Thank you Susie – I now know how to dress for me and my age rather than for the job I had years ago!”

- Anna, Manager
I love what I do and truly believe that it shines through in my work; helping people to look and feel fabulous in styles and colours that suit them gives me enormous job satisfaction. I hope this gives you a little background on me and the Susie Styles philosophy!
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Susie Boylan
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Can you visualise YOUR career in Style Coaching™, personal styling, image consultancy, fashion styling or personal shopping? Take the first step towards your dream career today by choosing one of our training courses!

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Louise's Story...
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I qualified as a Style Coach™ in 2010 having worked in hotels as an HR Officer and looking after 400 staff. While working at the hotel, I realised that the western world is like a hamster wheel; we are all so busy juggling that it is very difficult to get a healthy work/life balance. This is one of the reasons why Style Coaching™ is so important and relevant to society and our clients today.

I looked at ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ and ‘House of Colour’ training courses, but choose Style Coaching™ because it offered an holistic approach.

I felt the other two were restrictive and one dimensional. Style Coaching™ focuses on the whole person, not just their appearance.
Firstly, an appointment with a Style Coach™ gives the client the space and opportunity to take a step back from their busy lives and explore their needs and desires. We provide a safe and empowering place so that our clients can make changes which will build their self esteem and confidence.

My clients have ranged in age from 16-73, which goes to prove that it is never to late to make changes in your life. Here are some of the comments from my clients, which illustrate the positive impact of Style Coaching™...

  • “Louise –made us all feel special, and proud of who we are.”
  • “I have direction and know what to look for; no more costly mistakes!”
  • “Louise has a great way of giving you the confidence to make the most of your assets.”
  • “Shopping is much more fruitful and cost-effective experience.”
  • “Louise created a warm environment where I felt totally safe to explore possibilities beyond my comfort zone.”
  • “Thank you for our clear-out session, I found it hugely cathartic and helpful.”

A recent article published in ‘Compass Wessex’ (on the topic of ‘Women in Business’) charts my journey as a Style Coach™. Let me share it with you here...
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What inspired you to start your business?
My two energetic children were growing up fast and suddenly a gap appeared in my life. I needed to find a way back to ‘Louise’, no longer defined by being a wife and mother, though I love being her too.

Describe your business...

I give people permission to put themselves first, this starts with an initial consultation to identify what is their personal style? Which colours make them look great and their current body shape, so we can select shapes that enhance it.

Describe your company’s special qualities...
I put together a great combination of qualifications in personal styling, counselling and life coaching skills. So with a sorted wardrobe, improved confidence and a sense of personal direction, I felt able to share all I had learnt.
What motivates you?

It is often easier for people to be more open in a professional relationship than in a personal one. Seeing people learning how to be kind to themselves, regaining their confidence and listening to themselves is a joy.

What did you learn about setting up a business?
I am a product of my business. I wouldn’t have recognised myself as that happy woman in pink a few years ago. Remembering that running a business and housekeeping are essentially the same things. I’m quite organised and friends have shared their skills in the development of the website and marketing. When the business took off, my husband Simon helped me find a studio; making me feel more professional and less stressed about trying to achieve a balance between work and home.

What’s the most rewarding part of your business?
Seeing that ‘inner glow’ return; and spending time with people learning how to reward themselves. Sometimes we reward ourselves with the wrong things (too much chocolate/alcohol) but it doesn’t make us happier. I believe in the 80/20 rule of a ‘little of what you fancy does you good’, so 80% of the time I’m good and 20% I’m naughty!

And what’s the worst?

Having to give back the Blue Peter Badge for ‘good housekeeping’... Ready meals are a gift!

Describe your working day...

I’m not a Doctor, but I do make people feel better. De-cluttering someone’s wardrobe, putting together outfits, drawing up a list and then accompanying them shopping is a delight. We have found some fabulous additions to client’s wardrobes in Winchester’s charity shops.

What kick-started your business?

I’m a member of Kitchen Dancers WI. One March I gave them a presentation, which boosted my confidence and gave me a launch pad. More than 50 members took advantage of the evening’s special offer; others bought consultations as gifts for their friends. The word-of-mouth impact has been fantastic and encouraged me to open the studio on Winchester High Street.

How would you describe your customers?
Brave, it is very hard to recognise the need to change and it takes courage to accept advice.

How do you make it easier for them?

I’ve been where they are. Putting a Serenity Style consultation on your Christmas list could be a good way to start. Very few people are effortlessly stylish.

Qualifying as a Style Coach™ has offered me a fascinating and rewarding career.

I was recently involved in organizing and producing a fashion show in aid of the women services which help ladies who have come out of abusive relationships. (see below).
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I also helped present and prepare the models for a fashion show in aid of Cancer Research held at West Quay in Southampton (see below).
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Style Coaching™ empowers its clients to increase their confidence and self-esteem. Providing them with the tools to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

This poem resonated with me and really encapsulates my approach:

Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change...
The Courage to change things I can...
And the Wisdom to know the difference.

Being a professional Style Coach™ enables me to take a client through a life- transforming, structured process that is light-hearted and enjoyable! This is no ‘quick fix’; I help my clients to make changes that will boost their confidence and raise your self-esteem for life. I believe that the rising profile of Style Coaching™ is empowering more and more people to live productive and fulfilling lives.
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Examples of testimonials…
“My experience with Louise has been amazing. She created a warm environment where I felt totally safe to explore possibilities beyond my comfort zone. Louise has opened up a whole new part of my life. I now feel much more confident in my own skin.”

- Amanda

“Louise is very knowledgeable and a great advertisement for style. She gave me the confidence to be much bolder with my choices of colours and the styles that would suit me. She helped to de-clutter my bursting wardrobe which had clothes I had been hanging onto “just in case they came back into fashion!”I now have a better idea of what to look for when I am shopping for make-up, clothes and accessories.”

- Claire
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Can you visualise YOUR career in Style Coaching™, personal styling, image consultancy, fashion styling or personal shopping? Take the first step towards your dream career today by choosing one of our training courses!

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Sharron's Story...
Style Coaching™, in my opinion, gives an individual a better overall vision into not only looking better but also feeling their best from the inside out. Style Coaching™ truly gives men and women an avenue for them to boost their confidence, their self-esteem and enable them to begin to create a better life for themselves by starting right where they are. It will prevent them from looking outside of themselves for approval and help them to put aside the judgements of others.

Style Coaching™ also creates a more meaningful and sincere purpose for their lives. Once they take the initiative to work with a Style Coach™ it promotes the drive and motivation to want to look their best, no matter what the occasion.

As a Style Coach™, I assist men and women with creating a more authentic look and I make ‘getting dressed’ easier and more enjoyable. Exposing clients to their style personality, body shape, and explaining their color characteristics are three of the main components that create a more knowledgeable and educated individual who is eventually able to independently create fresh new looks.

The expanded outlook they gain positively affects all aspects of their day-to-day lives!
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Affecting peoples’ lives in this way creates ‘happier people’, who will in turn make the world a better place to live and grow! Ultimately, I truly believe that Style Coaching™ creates a new ‘norm’ that gives men and women the formula to happiness in their everyday lifestyles. It leads them to achieve more success and prosperity in their careers, and journeys through life are enhanced for the positive!

Two years ago I spent about two months searching the internet for an image consultancy training course. However, to my dismay, I could not find any that fitted the exact description of what I had in mind. I eventually came across some YouTube videos of the Style Coaching Institute®, which were very impressive. I immediately emailed the institute to find out the cost of the program, and felt it represented great value! After doing extensive research, I became more excited and decided to enroll.

I truly felt an overwhelming confidence and satisfaction knowing that I could receive amazing training and a certificate from such a reputable company.

When I first heard the term ‘Style Coaching™’ I was only familiar with ‘life coaching’ programs on the internet. I immediately recognized the uniqueness of adding personal styling to life coaching, and I was excited that it would be totally different from image consultancy.
Stacks Image 10553
During my two years of studying Style Coaching™ I was truly amazed and excited to learn about so many aspects that would not only allow people to look better but become more positive people in the process. I have studied positive mental thinking for many years and the inclusion of these teachings make this program even more comprehensive. As a student, I was able to personally complete each exercise and concept just as if I was a client. This method of online training gave me many ‘A-HA’ moments that increased my overall outlook and provided answers for me to refine my own ‘authentic style’!

For 22 years I have been in the beauty industry and my passion thrives on making people look amazing. I partially studied Fashion Merchandising in college, and I always wanted to pursue fashion in some capacity. I genuinely have a ‘passion for fashion’ and have been giving out style advice for years, as well as creating ‘total looks’ at photo shoots for my hair and beauty salon business.
During my studies with the Style Coaching Institute® I was able to enhance and update the beauty knowledge that I had already been familiar with such as hair, nails, and makeup. However, the fashion/style and coaching aspect of this program has infused the three into one complete package.

It was when I completed the Style Coaching™ course that I started to fully realize that the concepts I had learned really do work.

There are so many details that I am truly able to help my clients to “fix”. The awareness and knowledge I have gained is amazing and so rewarding.

I can see that the tips and awareness my clients gain are uplifting and life changing. I observe that with my help they are given a better outlook on the everyday tasks that were previously grueling (i.e. simply “getting dressed”). Because I determine the characteristics of each client’s body shape, their style personality, and their color characteristics, I get to witness a huge change in their ‘dress sense’. They become able to choose items that bring balance to their figure and enhance and express their style personality. They can also choose colors that bring out their beautiful skin tone.

I love to see my clients demonstrating the tips, techniques and concepts that they learned during our Style Coaching™ sessions.

Style Coaching™ has truly changed my life in many positive and uplifting ways. Although it's a never-ending process, I work everyday to see and concentrate on the good in my life and in others around me. I am also working to constantly appreciate what I have and build toward a better future as a result of the various exercises and treatments in the Style Coaching™ course. I can honestly see the improvements in my clients and how Style Coaching™ has positively affected their lives. They walk with an increased confidence and self-esteem, knowing that they are presenting a better person to their communities and the world.

I have also been able to study people more effectively and have a better outlook on how style vs fashion is communicated. After mastering the style personality aspect of Style Coaching™ it has given me a clearer understanding of my own ‘creative/dramatic’ style personality.

It has also helped me to understand why people dress the way they do, without passing judgement or believing that everyone should look the same.

Although I have ‘completed’ my studies, I continue to learn from my course material and the amazing and informative resources that I have access to as a member of the IASC. The support and connection with others in the network has been motivating and inspirational!

My Style Coaching™ business has unlimited potential; even beyond my imagination. I have such a passion for fashion, beauty, and style and I love to know that others are benefitting from my experience and skills. Because I now consider myself an expert ‘retail/thrift shopper’ I plan to grow this side of my business and help many others to ‘dress chic and keep it cheap’.
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Can you visualise YOUR career in Style Coaching™, personal styling, image consultancy, fashion styling or personal shopping? Take the first step towards your dream career today by choosing one of our training courses!

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Nichola's Story...
The way we feel about ourselves has an impact on all areas of our lives and sometimes it’s difficult to figure it out all on our own. Having the right people can provide the tools needed to bridge the gap between how we feel and how we look. Style Coaching™ provides that bridge; it’s about mentoring, guiding, coaching, and educating people through the art of personal styling and using a combination of unique skills. Coaches can also help someone to achieve their goals by making small adjustments that have a tremendous overall impact.

It’s about mentoring, guiding, coaching & educating people through the art of personal styling...

Having been lucky enough to work within different realms of the retail fashion industry I wanted to really learn more about the art of personal styling and how this process helps people to really make changes in their life. What initially drew me to the Style Coaching Institute® was that they were utterly unique and special. They use a holistic approach that resonated with me and their message is strong and clear: it’s not just about the clothing you wear, it also about the self-journey, awareness and appreciation of who you are on the inside and out.

During my Style Coaching™ journey I’ve realized that one of the keys to feeling deep satisfaction with how I look is about matching your outer appearance with a full appreciation of how you are inside. My client’s have also noted this feeling during our time together. They say things like, “I feel lighter”, “I looked into the mirror and liked who I saw”, “It felt great to let go of the old me, which I have been hanging onto for years.”

Clients say things like, “I feel lighter” and “I looked into the mirror and I liked who I saw.”

Since completing my course my business has gone from strength to strength, I have been frequently asked to comment on BBC TEES about styling, etiquette, and make-up, and I’ve also started a ‘Ladies Who Lunch Club’ enabling women to network, feel empowered and hear from inspirational motivational women speakers. I’m so grateful and proud to be part of the Style Coaching Institute®.

My business has gone from strength to strength...

The course has given me the foundations and building blocks to turn my love of fashion into a business; it’s given me the knowledge and tools to be able to assist others in understanding that real style is about having the confidence to be true to yourself through visual communication. I’ve watched my clients, as well as myself, become empowered by understanding how to project confidence and competence. This is what is needed to make an appropriate and authentic appearance for any professional, social, or personal situation.

I currently work with individual clients, businesses and corporate clients, charities and groups. My goal now is to take my business to the next level by heading into the public speaking arena and I’ve recently joined a professional speaking association. I want to help educate and motivate others in a variety of professional, fun presentations based on style and personal branding through appearance.
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Nichola English
Examples of testimonials…
“Thank you Nichola for a wonderful consultation. You gave me some great insights into how to make the most of my own personal style. You excel with the skills of elegance and grace, and I will integrate your advice into all my future purchases. I will highly recommend you to anyone seeking to improve their life.”

- S.H

“I wish to thank you for all your help and advice. I had a great time on Friday and it was fun! I felt so comfortable allowing you to look through my wardrobe and I have taken on board all your advice. I can’t believe I have given away 5 big bags of clothes and I still think I’m ready to let go of some more things on my next session. I am embracing the future with the new me. I was stuck in a time warp and now I’m free. Bless you my Fairy Godmother! Haha!”

- Nina
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Can you visualise YOUR career in Style Coaching™, personal styling, image consultancy, fashion styling or personal shopping? Take the first step towards your dream career today by choosing one of our training courses!

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