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Over time we have assembled a Style Coach team that is far beyond what you might expect from an average image consultant training company! Our all-female team of trainers may be small, but our expectations are great and our aspirations are set high when it comes to empowering other female entrepreneurs!

Our expertise is not limited to just being worldclass personal stylists and image professionals. Our students also benefit from our decades of experience in life coaching, NLP, beauty care and makeup training, personal branding, and multiple cases of successful business entrepreneurship.

Meet The Founder and CEO: Tracey Beaumont-Redmond
Tracey Beaumont-Redmond - The Original Style Coach™
In the 35 years since first becoming a member of the Chartered Society of Designers, and later founding the Style Coaching Institute®, Tracey has become an impactful thought-leader whose work is revolutionising the world of image consultancy, and influencing a global shift in the way people perceive the power of their appearance.

Tracey was the co-creator of STYLE COACHING™ and was the first and original STYLE COACH™. In recent years, Tracey has dedicated herself to the ongoing success of new and aspiring Style Coaches™ from every corner of the globe.

Her genuinely kind and charismatic personality flows through all her interactions, and to everyone who meets her, it is clear that Tracey has a genuine love of people and a sincere wish to make a positive difference in their lives.

Tracey constantly challenges established ideas and practices but believes that, when it comes to style, inner confidence is the very best place to start! Tracey listens carefully to the needs of each Style Coach™ and her work revolves around continually developing the strategies that make their career visions possible.

Whether it’s providing one-to-one mentoring via Skype, brainstorming new ideas for training modules, or hosting live courses and seminars for larger groups, Tracey is constantly thinking of brilliant new ways to help others reach their full potential. Tracey has become an inspiration to many, not just because of her understanding of style, but for her beautiful personality, which truly embodies what it means to be an authentic Style Coach™.

Over the years, Tracey has produced her own audio and video trainings, featured as a guest speaker for various radio stations, been the frequent subject of newspaper and magazine articles, and has published numerous articles on the topics of image, style and personal coaching.

A natural mentor and unabashed style-addict, Tracey keeps the team (and the wider Style Coaching™ community) updated on the latest seasonal must-haves, while pushing through self-limiting boundaries to discover what lies in that exceptional place just beyond their comfort zones!

Tracey is also a Life Coach and licensed NLP practitioner and has assisted countless individuals to manage their weight and stop smoking, enhance their appearance and boost their overall confidence and self-esteem. She has been through the life-changing challenge of battling breast cancer, and soon hopes to incorporate all that she has learned from this experience into her work at the Style Coaching Institute®. Her hope is to be able to empower women going through similar struggles, and help them to preserve their ‘sense of self’, even through life’s toughest times.

In her personal life, Tracey is 53, married to the co-founder of the institute, and a very proud grandmother to 4 young grandchildren. She has a love of Pinterest, sewing, creative projects of all descriptions, vintage toy collecting, and she has sold a large number of her artworks as a talented painter. She lives and works in Cheltenham Spa, England - a town famous for its elegant architecture, individually styled shops and boutiques, and of course the Cheltenham Races!

Meet the Managing Director: Kate Victoria Redmond
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A lifelong passion for the written word sparked the beginning of Kate’s journey through Style Coaching™. In early 2005, she came on board with Tracey to creatively design and author the very first online Style Coach™ diploma course. This exceptional programme, which continues to evolve, is now being studied in more than 78 countries, making it the most widely studied image-training course in the world.

Kate is a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, trained by Dr. Richard Bandler (the co-developer of NLP). She also trained with international best-selling author, Paul McKenna, PhD., whose self-help books have sold more than seven million copies and renowned for helping people treat the most difficult problems. Kate is also an accredited Life Coach and, as part of her life coach experience, she trained with internationally renowned transformative coach, Michael Neill, (best-selling author of five books including The Inside-Out Revolution). She has also completed a number of immersion seminars and fire-walked with Tony Robbins (best-selling author, advisor to leaders around the world, and the world’s #1 Life and Business Strategist).

Over the last 13 years, Kate has played a key role in the successful training of over 1400 professional Style Coaches™. She is a passionate career coach and mentor, and never takes her finger off the pulse when it comes to ensuring our graduates have a flying start in their new business ventures. Like the rest of the team, she takes great pride in offering the best possible experience for the individuals who train with us, and has personally supported many of our Style Coaches™ for over a decade of their careers in the industry. Kate films regular YouTube tutorials and inspiring videos for the Style Coaching Institute, so be sure to subscribe to our channel here.

A self-confessed fanatic for detail, Kate has an ongoing dedication to invest time in the research and development of the Style Coach™ training programme in order to ensure the content remains current and relevant, while the delivery remains cutting-edge, innovative and user-friendly. From publishing books to developing websites and eLearning Platforms, to video production and product design, Kate has her hands in all things creative, and “multitasking” is her middle name!

Kate works closely with the Master Trainers in Singapore, Italy, the Middle East, New Zealand, and Australia, in order to ensure consistency throughout every aspect of the Style Coach™ brand: from the preservation of its authentic concept, to quality of our training around the world, right the way through to delivery to the clients of each Licensed Style Coach™.

Every fortnight, Kate writes and publishes articles for the International Association of Style Coaches (IASC). She also hosts a Monthly Masterclass business coaching session aimed at helping personal stylists to grow their styling businesses, and she writes an educational monthly eZine which is distributed throughout the 83 countries that currently form the Style Coach™ network. She is the glue that holds together the international community of Style Coaches™ via various channels, and her work enables members to interact and share their combined knowledge, experience and feedback from each region.

International Coaching News has published Kate’s work in more than 21 countries, and she has also achieved the title of ‘EzineArticles Expert Author’ as a member in good standing. In Asia, Kate was recently honoured to write the foreword for 'Branded for Success', authored by Lionel Lim (winner of the Successful Entrepreneur Award, Mister Singapore United Nation 2011, Singapore's Most Loved Beauty Professional Award, and Giant Stars Most Confident Smile Award).

Kate is a working mother and triathlete, so when she’s not on duty, she can be found swimming in lanes, putting in miles on her road bike or chasing after her two free-spirited young children! She works between her home office in the beautiful Shropshire countryside and the Style Coaching Institute® HQ in Cheltenham Spa.

Master Style Coach™ Trainer for Asia: Theresa Huang
Style Coaching Institute Singapore - Theresa Huang
Theresa Huang has been in the beauty industry for the last 35 years. Her initial years centred around the training of various levels of staff in the beauty industry. She was formally the Managing Director of L’Oreal Singapore. Over the course of her career so far, Theresa has acquired wide and varied experience in Marketing and Business Development, particularly in the introduction of new brands as well as penetration of new markets with full profit accountability, HR, staff relations and staff development. Her particular strength is in establishing extensive brand representation and effective strategies on increasing market share. She has had considerable exposure to the South East Asian and ASEAN region.

Since early 2007, Theresa has taken her wealth of experience and moved on to provide consultancy services in both distribution of cosmetics and beauty products as well as spa and hospitality services in the region.

Her passion for professionalism in the beauty and spa industry, together with her strong desire to contribute to achieving high standards in the beauty and wellness industry, led her to establish ‘Urban Beauty Academy’. This prestigious centre of learning in Singapore aims to provide a complete and holistic approach to professional training for beauty and spa therapists, thus the adoption of its tag-line “Defining Beauty Professionals”. This approach is strongly supported by “Spa-preneurs” and salon owners who are greatly in need of such well trained professional therapists, not forgetting the many individuals, who may be interested in being trained in certain wellness areas just for personal leisure and self fulfilment.

Theresa has trained many management and beauty professionals and has successfully advised on various business development and growth strategies including the injection of new and creative ideas in line with market trends.

With Urban Beauty Academy, Theresa has also been able to assemble a host of well known personalities from hairdressers, to fashion designers, psychologists, just to name a few, to provide the best expertise, wholesome and varied training at the Academy. She hopes that this will provide the required supply of better qualified and well trained therapists for Hair, Beauty & Spa operators, which in turn will raise the bar in the beauty & wellness industry. This will further strengthen our national objective of providing the necessary human resources that will fuel the needs and growth of the tourist industry in Singapore and ASEAN.

Theresa further believes strongly in providing all our course participants with the required soft-skills emphasising particularly on customer and client care as well as effective communication skills which are key factors required in attaining excellence in service quality. The training of such skills is also being extended to all in the retail and service sectors of our economy.

As a practitioner, training has been Theresa’s first love. Urban Beauty Academy has provided her the opportunity (together with all the “top gurus”) to share and transmit realistic and effective theoretical and practical know-how to the next generation of wellness & beauty personnel in the industry.

In 2007, Theresa and Urban Beauty Academy partnered with the Style Coaching Institute® to pioneer Style Coaching™ in Asia. The introduction of Style Coach™ courses in Asia saw Singapore confidently leading the way into the future with Theresa at the helm. Today, Style Coaching™ is seen as a prestigious, premium and sought-after brand in the Singapore context, and the trained Style Coaches™ are working with some of the top brands, companies and government departments in Asia.

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Rana’s passion for Style Coaching™ started during her childhood school days, when Rana, bored in class, would daydream about ‘saving the world’ and sketch pictures of beautiful outfits. Her dreams took a temporary detour when she pursued a career in graphic design, but they were never far from Rana’s mind and the day eventually came when she decided not to overlook her life’s passion anymore.

Her never-ending curiosity to evolve, along with her desire to help people live happier lives, led her to study Theta Healing®, Hypnotherapy and Pranic Healing, but Rana believes that her discovery of Style Coaching™ was the real catalyst for a new beginning, a new career, a new mindset and simply a more ‘authentically expressed’ Rana.

“I really started to follow my dreams when I found Style Coaching™… I’ve been rocketing ever since and now there’s nothing holding me back!” she says.

Rana began her Style Coaching™ career working with individual clients, helping them to look and feel their very best. She believes that everyone is beautiful, inside and out, but unfortunately some people fail to see their own beauty and hence are unable to fully share it with the world. The purpose of Rana’s work as a Style Coach™ has been to help as many people as possible to discover their inner and outer beauty. She believes that a well-presented image helps you to put your best foot forward, giving you the best chance at getting the job, or the promotion, or the romantic date you deserve. But what is beauty without substance? When people are unable to see their inner beauty, due to a poor internal self-image, they find it difficult to recognise their outer beauty too… This means that no matter how much we beautify a person’s reflection in the mirror, if we don’t also help them to have greater self-love and self-confidence, they will never perceive themselves as truly ‘beautiful’. Therefore, Rana passionately believes in the power of Style Coaching™, which is uniquely holistic and helps people become effortlessly stylish and comfortable in their own skin.

In 2017, Rana founded a humanitarian project called “Makeovers with a Cause”. During this ongoing project, Rana offers complete “Life Makeovers” to the candidates, who are people in desperate need of help and looking for a positive new direction. She tackles everything relating to their inner self; in addition to improving their external appearance. The results she achieves with the project’s candidates are phenomenal to witness, and the transformations are both emotionally moving and life-changing.

Because Style Coaching™ has enabled Rana to follow her life’s dreams, she aspired to spread this knowledge throughout her home region by training other Style Coach™ professionals to pursue careers in this life-changing field too. In 2018, she joined the Style Coaching Institute® training team to bring live Style Coach™ training courses to the Middle East. Rana believes that through the work of Certified Style Coaches™ it is possible to make the world a prettier and happier place.

In her home life, Rana is married with 2 young children. She lives in Beirut, and has a center in Ashrafieh where she sees her clients and does her Style Coach™ trainings. She also offers training courses in Dubai and is planning to expand her practice to other parts of the Middle East in the coming years.

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Ivana Gasto, representing SLB Coaching Academy, is the only Licensed Training Provider for the Style Coaching Institute® in Italy. Ivana exclusively hosts the official Style Coach™ Diploma Course in all Italian regions.

“Believe in your worth and your talent” - this is the philosophy of the SLB Coaching Academy, an innovative academy in its style and content, consisting of people who believe in you!

Ivana Gasto’s team consists of professional experts with various backgrounds in Training, Communication, Marketing, Coaching, Image Consulting and beauty. They guarantee a highly-specialised training which unites passion, creativity and professionality. The SLB Coaching Academy is supported by years of international courses, research and ongoing updating of their skills, together with a solid experience ‘on the job’. What was their passion is now their mission and they carry out their work every day with enthusiasm. In this same spirit, they transmit skills, competence and experience to you, tomorrow’s professionals.

A little bit about Ivana:

At first I worked in Marketing and Communication, and a managerial career followed at Ital Design, Giugiaro Design, and Francorosso International. I have also worked as account manager at J. Walter Thompson, the famous multinational advertising agency, and I managed Marketing and Communication projects for the European Community.

My career in a nutshell has always been about getting around and meeting people. I have written magazine articles and became a publicity journalist, and it was during this phase that I started to work on myself. I entered new fields of learning, and studied Effective Communication, Human Resources and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Personal Development became my world! I obtained the Certificate of ‘NLP Master’ from the founder of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler and then I achieved my Coaching Master.

Out of a firm conviction that effective communication is one of the keys to improving one’s relationships in all of life’s aspects, I decided to delve deeper by specialising in Public Speaking and obtaining a Master’s Degree in Advanced Communication. I also further my learning with courses in Charisma and Leadership.

It was my keen interest in fashion since childhood that led me to add to my qualifications a certificate in Image Consultancy from Milan’s Academy of Luxury. In any case, fashion is a very powerful non-verbal communication tool, and I believed its potential was not been fully explored. I discovered that in the USA, Feng Shui is studied in relation to fashion, and I decided to obtain a certificate as a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator™. This was a real eye-opener for me. My horizon expanded and I found confirmation that identifying one’s essence and one’s true life aspirations is a determining factor in achieving personal balance. This method is applied to communication, personal branding and marketing as well.

My interests naturally led me to complete my studies at the Style Coaching Institute® in the UK and become a Certified Style Coach™. I also became an Accredited Member of the International Association of Style Coaches™ and progressed to become a Master Style Coach™ Trainer. I am now proud to say that I am the only officially Licensed Training Provider for Style Coaching Institute® in Italy.

I believe that what I do is what I am, but what I am is not just the sum total of my skills: it is the complete and harmonious picture of my experiences, enhanced by the energy that connects them all, like the links of a chain.

“Ma soprattutto sono Ivana Gasto, una donna che non si stanca mai di imparare.”

But most of all I am Ivana Gasto, a woman who never tires of learning and passing on the best of my knowledge to others.

Master Style Coach™ Trainer for New Zealand & Australia: Margarita Politis
Style Coaching Institute New Zealand & Australia - Margarita Politis
Over the years, Margarita Politis has gained a formidable reputation as one of the most innovative and current Style Coaches ™ in the world. Her experience as an independent Style Coach™ is wide and diverse. Alongside offering transformational makeovers, she also hosts seminars, workshops, and educational events for men and women in New Zealand.

Margarita's services cover every possible image and life coaching need for every age group, occupation and lifestyle! She works with "teens and tweens" through her holiday workshops and the changes she facilitates in others is nothing short of incredible.

Many of her trainees would agree that there is something about Margarita! Around her, everything seems possible, life just has a little more sparkle and you can't help but be inspired and motivated by her enthusiasm and belief in the possibilities.

Margarita isn't only an expert in rejuvenating people's style; she proves that looking amazing is just ‘the tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to a profound transformation. Margarita's belief is that if people can look amazing, then they'll also feel amazing and have the confidence to be their unique selves. This, is of course, the mark of true beauty.

Outside of her work as the master trainer for Style Coach™ and personal stylist training courses in New Zealand and Australia, Margarita mainly focuses on workshops and retreats to empower people to experience a full turn around of empowerment. Her “teen and tween" package is the only one of its kind in New Zealand. Margarita's aim is not just enhancing people's style, but giving the participants life tools to help with anti-bullying strategies, deportment, etiquette, dance and drama and acceptance of ones self.

Her passion is such that Margarita has recently joined the Style Coaching Institute® training team and taken on the franchise for New Zealand. Margarita says, “It is extremely important and so amazing to watch the transformation one goes through to become their authentic self. I absolutely love the end result of my clients feeling at ease and comfortable in their body, and watching them achieve things they only dreamed about."

Master Style Coach™ Trainer for UK and Ireland: Bernie Delaney
Style Coaching Institute UK and Ireland - Bernie Delaney
Bernie has been helping people to improve many aspects of their physical and emotional wellbeing for over 20 years. Her initial years were spent as a nurse, working in different countries around the world. Bernie’s belief in a holistic approach to general wellbeing led to her study reflexology, and over the years she helped many clients to experience a better quality of life. Through her work, she became further intrigued by the mind/body link and the feedback she received served to energise her passion for holistic therapies further.

In her former career, Bernie also held the position of Manual Handling Advisor for the Health Service Executive in Ireland for six years, and in that time developed extensive experience in delivering and designing training workshops to staff at all levels, and providing mentoring and motivational assistance to course participants. Through this role, Bernie rediscovered her first love of teaching, and decided to further her expertise by embarking on a four year BA degree in Training and Education.

When Bernie discovered the Style Coach™ Diploma Course she instantly recognised the intrinsic value of the process and was fascinated with its light-hearted but highly effective holistic philosophies. In 2006, Bernie joined Tracey and Kate in Dublin, Ireland, where she trained to become Ireland’s leading Style Coach™. Since then, Bernie has gained a wealth of experience dealing with clients of all age groups and from every walk of life. She has delivered large workshops to audiences of thousand of people, and she hosts as many events as possible to raise money for well-deserving charities.

Bernie and fellow Style Coach™, Grainne Smith, together established, a six week makeover programme for charity, where a number of clients are ‘Style Coached’ and a high-profile competition is then held for the best ‘inside and out’ makeover. The many reveal shows are always a huge success, with audience of over 600 people on each occasion. All monies raised through are donated to charity with four shows hosted in different locations each year. continues to receive incredible media interest from newspapers and magazines, and Bernie has regular nationwide radio and television interviews / guest appearances.

Bernie has become a irreplaceable member of the Style Coaching™ team and facilitates our Style Coach™ and personal stylist courses in London twice a year. She loves interacting with her students, sharing her knowledge and her extensive experience!

Bernie has a natural ability to build rapport with people of all ages and from all walks of live, and is praised by her students for her engaging manner, contagious enthusiasm and passion, warm sense of humour, her empathetic nature and her down to earth approach. Bernie is passionate about sharing all of her experiences with Style Coaches™ in training, so that they too can experience the benefits and amazing rewards that Style Coaching™ can bring to peoples’ lives.

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