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Style Coaching™ equips you with a completely unique set of skills that you won’t find anywhere else. In our training, you’ll learn all the core competencies of a first-class Image Consultant or Personal Stylist, as well as the key skills of a Life Coach. We also integrate expert training from the areas of Personal Branding, Personal Grooming, Personal Shopping, Color Consultancy and Self-Image Psychology.

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All of our Style Coaching™ Courses include the following 8 information-rich and resource-abundant modules! Let us give you an overview of what you will learn in each one...

Module 1

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In this inspiring opening module, we begin with some foundation knowledge:

  • Discover everything you need to know about what ‘Style Coaching™’ is and how the process works
  • Learn how to begin guiding your clients through the Style Coaching™ process and discover our step-by-step formula starting from initial enquiries, through to the very first Style Coaching™ session and beyond!
  • Become familiar with the unique resources available to the Style Coach™ which give your sessions a professional and impressive framework. In this module, we’ll introduce you to the first questionnaires, coaching forms and exercises you can present to your clients.
  • Explore and discover the meaning of true ‘style’ and how it differs from simply following the latest fashion trends. Also discover how style and fashion can harmonize in the most creative and inspiring ways.
  • Let us teach you how Style Coaching™ works for the wardrobes of real-life men and women, not just the wealthy or celebrities!
  • Discover the important relationship between your clients’ individual tastes and your expert knowledge, and how both need to establish a ‘middle ground’ for the process to be truly successful and long-lasting.
  • Explore the differences between the various ‘style personalities’ and learn how to identify your clients’ personality types with ease.
  • We look at examples of Style Personalities for both men and women, and have accompanying resources (such as questionnaires and exercises) for both genders.
  • Learn how to help people break out of a ‘style rut’ and develop a unique and effortless style that is an expression of who they are.
  • Let us introduce you to a range of simple, yet powerful, life coaching exercises that you can use with your clients to help kick-start the ‘inner coaching’ process from your first Style Coaching™ session onwards.
  • Learn how to integrate basic life coaching skills like SMART goal setting and massive action planning so your Style Coaching™ sessions have real purpose, vision, drive and momentum!
  • Learn how to discuss the topic of budget with your clients and help them to create a budget plan that works for their individual finances and personal styling goals.
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As you can see, Module One is packed with invaluable information and resources, but it is also the start of an incredible journey as you begin to ‘Style Coach™’ yourself and experience this transformational process!

Keep reading to find out what you’ll learn in Module Two...

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Module 2

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In our second module, alongside essential personal styling skills, you will also start to explore the self-image psychology and life coaching behind Style Coaching™:

  • Discover the range of emotions often experienced in the ‘changing rooms’ and how to help your clients deal with some of these emotions when they arise.
  • Discover how to empower your clients to love and accept their unique shape, size and weight, and develop a positive relationship with their own body.
  • Become familiar with our wide range of coaching tools that help your clients to begin to “love the skin they’re in”. We have visualization audio sessions, practical exercises, enlightening self-help questionnaires and more.
  • Learn how to take your client’s measurements for greater success when purchasing clothes online.
  • Discover the various categories of body shapes and how to identify them.
  • Develop an understanding of how to create pleasing proportions.
  • Become familiar with the Style Coaching™ body shape analysis tools and resources so you can approach the topic with competence and confidence.
  • Learn about our systemic approach to the self-image and how appearance can form a powerful starting point for massive change.
  • Learn about the authentic self, the adapted personality and our inner need for acceptance.
  • Discover what you need to know about the inner self-image and how to contradict a poor self-image.
  • Learn about helping your clients to overcome self-limiting beliefs and create incredible momentum for change.
  • Let us introduce you to the concepts of ‘neuro-linguistic programming’ and discover how you can integrate simple but highly-effective neuro-associative tools like ‘reframing’ into the Style Coaching™ process. ** Please note: Your Style Coach™ certification does not entitle you to represent yourself as an NLP practitioner.

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Module Two offers you a fascinating and insightful perspective into the Style Coaching™ process, and how our approach differs from personal stylist or image consultant training. By the end of this module, the exciting potential of Style Coaching™ will start to become clear!

Keep reading to find out what you’ll learn in Module Three...

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Module 3

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In this dedicated personal styling training module, you will learn absolutely EVERYTHING there is to know about choosing underwear, clothes, outerwear and accessories for EVERY woman’s body shape:

  • No matter your client’s weight, shape, height, scale or proportions, learn how to identify their body shape and use our tried and tested tools to ensure an accurate analysis.
  • Discover the aims and goals for dressing each of the individual body shapes, so that you can adapt your knowledge to every real-life situation.
  • Learn exactly which styles and cuts of clothing will enhance and balance your client’s body shape and figure requirements.
  • Learn how to correctly identify the various cuts and styles of trousers (pants), jeans, skirts, dresses, tops, coats and jackets, and discover which styles and cuts are best suited to your client’s figure.
  • Discover the important role that accessories play when it comes to enhancing your client’s positive features, balancing proportions, and creating feminine curves.
  • Gain an expert insight into which fabrics, patterns, and colors will help your clients to look and feel their very best.
  • Learn with clarity by watching our clothing demonstration DVD sessions, and observing countless photographs and helpful fashion illustrations.
  • Discover and learn how to identify the styles of clothing your client should be avoiding and, most importantly, understand why.
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Module Three is packed with the essential and advanced personal stylist training that every Style Coach™, personal shopper, image consultant and fashion stylist needs! Remember, you’re not just investing in certification, you’re investing in empowering yourself with the right set of skills!

Keep reading to find out what you’ll learn in Module Four...

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Module 4

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In our fourth module, we go back to a 50/50 approach to our personal styling and life coaching skills. Remember that Style Coaching™ is a fully integrative and holistic approach, which you won’t find anywhere else! Here’s a sneak preview of what comes next in your training:

  • Develop and master the essential rapport skills that lie at the heart of every successful coach and client relationship.
  • Understand the difference rapport makes when it comes to your client’s acceptance of your expert advice and how rapport has the power to ‘make or break’ the whole process.
  • Learn incredibly effective life coaching skills that enable you to create powerful states of rapport with your clients (essential for those delicate sessions like body shape analysis, wardrobe analysis, personal shopping and more)!
  • Learn how to communicate on a deeper and more meaningful level so you can help your client’s achieve the results they really want.
  • Discover the coaching skills you won’t learn from any other image consultancy or personal styling course, which enable you to lead your client towards positive and long-lasting change, inside and out!
  • Take a fascinating look ‘under the bonnet’ at how Style Coaching™ works and gain an insight into the solid theories that form the foundation of this groundbreaking specialisation.
  • Let us introduce you to the world-renowned plastic surgeon who observed his clients before, and after, cosmetic procedures which they believed would make them ‘look and feel’ beautiful. Discover how Style Coaching™ integrates his astounding findings and creates a life-changing formula for inner (not just outer) transformation.
  • Leap back into the personal styling process and begin to discover everything you need to know about different types of underwear garments and the instant results they can help your client to achieve.
  • Understand the importance of the correct fit and tailoring, and learn how to recognize a correctly or incorrectly fitted garment.
  • Learn how to use expert visual tricks from the world of personal styling to help every client enhance their figure, no matter what challenges they may have. Expertly style and coach tall, petite, and plus size clients with confidence
  • Next you’ll learn everything there is to know about shoes, belts, scarves, wraps, pashminas, head and hair accessories, eyewear, handbags and purses... the list of accessories is endless!
  • Use every type of accessory with style and creativity to create outfits which are as unique as the person wearing them.
  • Discover how accessories are a powerful asset when it comes to balancing proportions and body shape, enhancing your client’s hair, skin and eye tone, and expressing their ‘Style Personality’.

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Module Four is all about discovering the ‘difference that makes the difference’ - whether this is rapport skills which will ‘make or break’ the coaching process, or fit and tailoring which will ‘make or break’ an outfit! We believe that perfection lies in the detail.

Keep reading to find out what you’ll learn in Module Five...

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Module 5

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In our fifth module we take an in-depth look at how to conduct a professional wardrobe analysis, we also explore essential communication skills and body language, and help you to understand what an ‘empowering’ coach / client relationship should look like. All these coaching skills ensure you are prepared for our personal shopper training! Here are the details:

  • Learn how to conduct a professional wardrobe audit and understand the aims of analyzing, decluttering and organizing your client’s wardrobe.
  • Discover the psychological benefits of having an organized wardrobe and how to help your client stay focused on their desired outcome.
  • Uncover the story behind your client’s existing wardrobe and what is being communicated about their shopping habits.
  • Learn how to decide which items should stay, which might require alterations, and which should be bid a fond farewell!
  • Become familiar with our unique tools and resources which assist you during this session: we’ve got wardrobe checklists, lifestyle analysis charts, shopping plan forms, budget forms and more!
  • Discover the core items that should feature in every man or woman’s wardrobe and learn how to create clever wardrobe ‘capsules’ by mixing and matching items to form a wide range of outfit choices. Develop your listening skills so you can really ‘hear’ what your client is communicating to you.
  • Discover how to offer meaningful compliments to clients suffering from low self-esteem.
  • Discover how to help your client to develop their verbal and vocal communication skills and overcome common verbal and vocal challenges. We cover all aspects of basic voice coaching!
  • Enjoy learning about non-verbal communication, including how to read and understand aspects of your client’s body language and facial expressions.
  • Become a more effective Style Coach™ as you gain new awareness of your own posture, gestures, and expressions.
  • Discover how to develop your conversation skills (and those of your clients) so you can talk to anyone, know how to make a good first impression, feel confident when beginning new conversations and know just how to ‘break the ice’!
  • Let us introduce you to a solid and accessible model of the personality, which helps you and your clients to access new states of empowerment and confidence in situations where you previously felt powerless.
  • Learn how to use this model to communicate with greater effectiveness as a coach, and avoid the common communication mistakes experienced by image consultants and personal stylists.
  • Discover how your communication can either be empowering or disempowering for your client, and how to adjust various aspects so that it is useful and positive on every level.
  • Learn how to create an ‘Action Plan’ for your personal shopping sessions so that your approach is targeted and professional from start to finish.
  • Understand common negative associations to shopping and help your clients to create new and positive ones!
  • Learn all the skills of a personal shopper so that you can feel confident guiding your clients through department stores and boutiques, vintage clothes stores, designer outlets, and high street stores!
  • Develop your shopping skills and become familiar with the criteria you should be looking for in various items.
  • Learn how to say goodbye to impulse buys and instead make educated, wise, and methodical buys that maximize your client’s budget, no matter how large or small it may be.
  • Understand the psychology behind shopping and learn how to recognize a shopaholic with the help of our enlightening questionnaire.
  • Learn the importance of networking with local businesses in order to enhance the shopping experience for the clients of your Style Coaching™ business.

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Module Five offers you a truly diverse mix of life coaching, personal branding, personal styling, wardrobe consulting, and personal shopping skills. When all these skills are brought together (through Style Coaching™) the results are truly outstanding! But, this life-changing process has only just begun!

Keep reading to find out what you’ll learn in Module Six...

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Module 6

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In our sixth module we move into the world of personal grooming, makeup and skincare, and hairstyling! We look at all the ways in which we can physically nurture and pamper our appearance, so we can look and feel beautiful from top-to-toe. In this module you will:

  • Learn how to evaluate your client’s skin type and offer advice on a suitable skincare routine.
  • Understand common skin problems and their causes.
  • Discover basic makeup theory and become familiar with all the different cosmetic products, their ingredients, and when and how to use them correctly.
  • Learn how to identify your client’s face shape and tailor their makeup application to enhance their individual features.
  • Learn about the different eyebrow shapes and the basics of eyebrow shaping and filling.
  • Discover the different eye shape and learn how to apply makeup to enhance each shape.
  • Learn basic makeup application skills with our step-by-step instructions to create a natural and fresh makeup look suitable for every client, every day!
  • Learn how to assess your client’s hair and offer basic advice on daily haircare.
  • Discover the difference in hair textures and types around the world.
  • Learn essential hair styling skills like choosing the right products, choosing the right styling tools, improving and developing your brush work, how to do a basic blow-dry, how to create curls, how to use hair straighteners, and how to do basic up-styles.
  • Learn how to approach hair styling salons to discuss your client’s desired style and color.
  • Understand the routine steps to helping your clients have healthy hair for life!
  • Gain an awareness of the most common body problems and the common areas of the body which may require a little extra care and attention.
  • Learn how to advise your clients about body skin care routines, self-tanning solutions, hair removal, cellulite reduction, and more!
  • Discover our ‘top-to-toe’ care plan with top expert tips for every area of the body.
  • Learn how to do pedicures and manicures, and teach your clients how to maintain their nail care on a regular basis.
  • Become familiar with our tools and resources for ‘Mini Goal Setting’ and ‘Action Planning’, as well as personal grooming assessment questionnaires, information booklets and more!

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Module Six offers you a refreshing break from our personal stylist and life coach training topics, while staying firmly with the theme of “looking and feeling beautiful”! The essential grooming skills in this module enable you to offer a complete image transformation to your clients, because a successful image is a combination of all the right factors!

Find out what you’ll learn in Module Seven!

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Module 7

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In our seventh module we turn our attention to every aspect of looking and feeling ‘fab after 50’. Our approach is very much ‘pro-aging’ rather than ‘anti-aging’ and we can’t wait to share it with you! Also in this module, we offer a complete and definitive suite to personal styling for men. Although we include ‘personal styling for men’ at various points of the Style Coaching™ course, here we focus on male styling in every intricate detail! Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Learn about the different forms of age and explore the meaning of age.
  • Discover how you can help mature clients combat negative self-talk and their embrace their self-image as they progress through different decades of life.
  • Understand the power of beliefs and examine the common meanings given to ‘aging’.
  • Learn how to model youthfulness, increase energy levels, and ‘turn back the clock’ in a holistic and positive way.
  • Discover our coaching questionnaires that help you and your clients explore ‘age’ together and set realistic goals for maintaining a youthful appearance without 'hiding' a person’s age, but instead embracing and enhancing it.
  • Next, we move on to men’s styling where we will begin by comparing some of the less-obvious differences when working with men and women.
  • We discuss topics like the power of clothes and body language, age-appropriateness, and establishing your client’s outcome for the personal styling process.
  • Learn how to identify the different male body shapes, and gain an understanding of scale, height and proportions when it comes to dressing the male figure.
  • We teach you everything you need to know about dressing each of these male body shapes, including the clothes and accessories to choose or avoid!
  • We look at every type of casual and smart trousers, shirt and sweaters, jackets and coats, and how to recognize the right fit.
  • Discover how to choose different cuts of suits in order to achieve the correct proportions and balance for the client’s shape, scale and height.
  • Learn how to select different types of ties, and of course learn how to tie basic and more impressive knots.
  • Discover the surprisingly wide and inspiring choice of shoes and accessories for men, and how to bring the finishing touches to every outfit.
  • Access our men’s styling resources such as measurement guides and forms, style personality questionnaires, body analysis forms, wardrobe checklists, and more!
  • Learn color analysis for men and use our ‘Season Selector™’ color cards especially designed for male clients.
  • Discover the complete world of men’s grooming and learn how to advise your male clients on a range skin and hair care topics.

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Module Seven opens up the world of personal styling and image consultancy, helping you to connect with a wider range of clients no matter their age or gender. Style Coaching™ is not just for one type of person - it’s for absolutely everyone.

Keep reading to find out what you’ll learn in Module Eight...

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Module 8

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This is the module of your Style Coach™ training, where you will learn exciting and inspiring life coaching skills that can be integrated into every step of your personal styling work with clients:

  • Access all the tools and resources you need to become a "confidence coach" to your clients.
  • Learn how clothes can either boost our confidence, or deplete it.
  • Discover the messages that your clothes portray about your confidence, and access awareness-boosting questionnaires that help you tactfully approach delicate topics with your clients.
  • Learn how our confidence is affected not just by our clothes, but also by our personal grooming, and how we can use ‘grooming’ as a confidence enhancer.
  • Discover the close relationship between our confidence and our body language and learn amazingly fast ways to help your clients experience greater levels of confidence on-demand!
  • Learn how to analyze your client’s body language so you can read vital messages about their confidence and self-esteem, and help them develop the traits of a confident and self-assured person.
  • Discover our ‘7 Day Confidence Plan’ designed to cultivate new levels of confidence by taking a series of small daily actions. We include great exercises and handouts you can give to your clients to make the process fun and easy for everyone.
  • Learn key life coaching principles that you can use whenever your client needs to overcome a challenge. This could be during their body shape analysis, while personal shopping, while decluttering their wardrobe, or just about anytime they need extra support from a professional coach.
  • Discover how to make the makeover results long-lasting and meaningful. Find out how to avoid one of the common problems of regular image consultancy, which is the client reverting back to their old appearance and habits within a short time frame.
  • Learn about your client’s needs and values, and help to raise their awareness too, so that they can break through the issues holding them back from reaching their full potential.
  • Discover what really motivates and drives your clients and how to keep them on track towards their end goal.
  • Learn how to confront obstacles and set-backs with ease and discover the steps to unstoppable motivation!
  • Access a wealth of coaching exercises, forms, questionnaires, and handouts, all designed especially for the exclusive use of the Certified Style Coach™.

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Module Eight is all about powering through anything that stands in the way of you and the life you want for yourself. This is breakthrough coaching in action - not just for your clients, but for you too!

For our Elite-Pro and Tutored students the learning doesn't end here! Keep reading to find out what else your Style Coach™ training can include...

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** Keep reading… There's more! **

In addition to the above eight training modules, students of our ‘Elite-Pro’ Online Course and our VIP Tutored Training Courses also receive the following training resources...

Colour Analysis Training

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In this colorful and creative training module you will learn all the skills of a first-class color consultant! Because we cover the topic in such advanced detail, this part of the Style Coaching™ course could easily be seen as another training course in its own right. Here's a basic overview of what we include:

  • Learn the fascinating history of color analysis, color theory and the Munsell color system.
  • Learn every aspect of conducting a highly-accurate and reliable personal color analysis.
  • Understand the varying color characteristics you will work with, including caucasian, african and asian skin tones, and learn how to analyze both men and women. We don’t know of any other image training company that matches the wide diversity of our color training in one program!
  • Learn how to select the perfect color palette for your client with a balanced understanding of tonal and seasonal color theories.
  • Understand how color consultants use the colour wheel and various colour schemes to successfully add color to color within outfits and create stunning results.
  • Learn the differences between hues, tones, tints and shades, and how to apply your knowledge in real-life contexts.
  • Gain a complete understanding of the various colour seasons and how to recognise which season a colour might be categorised as.
  • Become familiar with the color analysis training tools and resources included in your course: we have iPad and iPhone (as well as printable) ‘Season Selector™’ Color Cards and 'Check My Colour™ Tools' for men and women, a variety of questionnaires and assessment charts, a unique ‘Color Pyramids’ booklet, and colour analysis quizzes to help you build your confidence.
  • Discover the fascinating world of color psychology and how color affects your mood, and what a colour can communicate to those around you.
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Through our colour training you will gain an incredible insight into your own color characteristics, and gain the competence and confidence to conduct a full colour analysis with every individual client!

Keep reading to find out what else you’ll learn as an Elite-Pro or Tutored student...

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Professional Style Coach™
Advanced Business Training

Whether you intend to practice as a holistic Style Coach™, or have plans to become a personal stylist or image consultant, in this essential business guide for the image industry, we explore all the new options and possibilities that open up to you after your Style Coach™ training, so you can create a personalised action plan for success:
  • We help you with your overall business plan, as well as how to take full advantage of your competitive edge as a certified 'Style Coach™'.
  • Our Business Training helps you to uncover 'self-limiting beliefs' that could be holding you back from achieving your career goals.
  • We identify the common pitfalls so you can avoid them, and we help you to embrace your empowering new role as your own boss!
  • We've got an inspiring 'Marketing Workshop', so you can set goals for your strategy. We've even prepared template marketing materials for you which are ready to use! This means that your success is not left to chance, it's carefully orchestrated!
  • What about advertising? Yes, we've got it covered! Everything you need to know, all the advice you need, all in one place.
  • If you want to launch your business in style we cover all you need to know about creating a 'Press Kit', and writing press releases, we also make sure your Public Relations are optimised!
  • Not sure whether you're good at 'selling' yourself? Don't worry! We'll teach you how to overcome any insecurities and connect with your 'Personal Brand' so that your 'sales pitch' is congruent and natural.
  • Wondering about the boring stuff like business insurance? We've taken the chore out of setting up your business and give you all our research and advice so you can focus on what you enjoy most!
  • Of course we also advise you on your business website, as well as vital internet marketing.
  • We have extensive guidance for social media management so you can ‘streamline your social’!
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As if all that business training wasn't enough, you'll also receive a digital 'Business Pack Folder' (more details below).
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Beauty & Image
Vocabulary Guide

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Here's a quick overview of what you'll learn in this bonus training book:

This guide acts as an in-depth dictionary of all the key terms used by image consultants and Style Coaches™ around the world. In addition to a detailed glossary of terms, we also feature diagrams and illustrations so you can become familiar with different types of garments and their cuts. We have even included a ‘pronunciation guide’ so you can learn how to speak about designer brands with confidence!

This 40+ page guide is a priceless reference for newcomers to the image industry, as well as experienced image professionals. It is also a valuable resource for Style Coaches™ who would like to prepare for the AICI FLC Exam. We ensure that each defined term is compatible within the context of the AICI Core Competencies and the AICI FLC Exam.

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** There's still more for us to share with you! **

In addition to all of the above, students of our Elite-Pro Online Course and VIP students of our Tutored Courses in London, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand will also receive…

Style Coach™ Workbook

Stacks Image 18611
Here's a quick overview of your Style Coach™ Workbook:

This incredible workbook contains over 50 unique exercises that you can use when presenting various topics to your Style Coaching™ clients. Each exercise, form and questionnaire featured in the workbook has been specially designed to help fulfill the aims and goals of the Style Coaching™ process, enabling you to effortlessly integrate powerful coaching tools and techniques into every session with your clients.

Each life coaching or personal styling exercise is presented in your printed ‘Exercise Workbook’ so you can fill it in for your own self and to gain experience. Digital PDF versions are also available in your ‘Business Pack Folder' via our eLearning Platform, so you can print limitless copies to use during the course of your personal styling career.
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Your Digital Downloads

Stacks Image 18659
Ebooks presented on our eLearning Platform:

In addition to our published course books (which you will receive by mail) we also have a cutting-edge eLearning Platform where you can access all your course materials as PDFs. This is available to all students (tutored and online). Each module of your course is clearly presented and you will be able to progress through your studies 'step-by-step'. Each PDF is presented in full colour with excellent images and demonstrative diagrams so your learning is made fun and easy. Through the eLearning Platform you can also complete all your assignments, communicate with your personal tutor or trainer, and open discussions in our forum community.

Audio Sessions:

We have 60-minutes of audio exercises presented by Tracey Redmond. Tracey will guide you through a ‘Body Image Visualisation Exercise’, ‘The Cleansing Waterfall Exercise’, a ‘Weight Loss Visualisation Exercise’, a ‘Stress Busting Relaxation Exercise’ and her top tips for helping a client to stop smoking!

Clothing Demonstration DVD Sessions:

During this 120-minute movie session, Tracey Redmond will guide you through a series of light-hearted clothing demonstrations, which are packed full of invaluable styling tips and expert advice for ‘mixing and matching’.

Business Pack Folder:

This invaluable digital folder contains template promotional materials, over 50 branded PDF exercises to print and share with your clients, trademarked logos, printable and iPhone-friendly color analysis and body shape tools, shareable information booklets, the top-rated educational articles from the International Association of Style Coaches™, and so much more!
Read more here >>
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Diploma Advancement

Stacks Image 11290
For Elite-Pro Online Students and Tutored Students, this final stage of the Style Coach™ training course is all about putting your new knowledge and skills into action with a real-life client. Here’s how it works:

  • The final part of your learning journey is to choose a case-study pro-bono client to work with. This enables you to gain real-life experience in a friendly and light-hearted context, and forms the base for our final assessment of the skills you have gained.
  • Our students find that this is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of the course, and working with a real client helps them to see how far they have come, and how much knowledge they have gained!
  • You will share a minimum of 6 sessions with your case-study client, and during this time you will be encouraged to explore every aspect of Style Coaching™ together.
  • When the process is complete and you have compiled your notes, then it is time to send in your final diploma exam paper, together with supportive documents and photographs.
  • One of our master trainers will carefully assess your work and provide detailed feedback to you, helping to highlight any areas where you could continue to grow and improve.
  • If you don’t manage to achieve a pass grade on your first attempt, then you can retake the exam for free, and will be given full support to reach the necessary standard required for certification. Rest assured that we are absolutely committed to helping you achieve your goal of becoming a certified Style Coach™.

Stacks Image 11339

The learning you will gain in this final stage doesn’t come from our eLearning Platform, reading books, or watching demonstrations... Instead, it comes from leaping into the process with both feet, and exploring what it really means to ‘become’ a Style Coach™.

When you complete your work with your case-study client, you will know in your heart whether your goal has been achieved! You will be able to see the transformation in your client, hear it in their voice, and feel their new energy as though a weight has lifted from their shoulders.

Your diploma certification is proof to the world that you have taken this incredible learning journey with us, and have emerged as a fully-fledged Style Coach™ ready to spread your wings.The sky is the limit with what comes next!

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Are you ready to take the first step towards your dream career as a Certified Style Coach™?

We offer our ‘home study’ online diploma course in 70+ countries around the world! You can also study Style Coaching™ at one of our VIP training courses in London, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand.


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